(Morning pic. The sky was full of sylphs!)


This morning as soon as I sat down with my notebook and became still, I heard the word RITUAL .

I never know what’s going to move through when I stop to hear ‘the voice’ — which always sounds so different than the way I speak or the gabby voice in my head! Usually, it comes through one line at a time and I have no idea where its going.

And so this morning…. there was this…




The early morning is potent

when veils are thin.

The ritual that yields the most fruit

is to begin your day

connecting with your secret heart of hearts.


For you have deep secrets

yearning to whisper in your ear

when you are still close to the dreamtime.


You have desires and needs

that are rarely given the stillness

they need

to arise from the depths

beneath the DISTRACTION,

to truly be touched,

like a lover who goes unloved

and is finally satiated.


It is simple

to make a tiny ritual.


Light the wick,

connect with the flame.


Find your breath

and feel yourself being


even if only long enough to take

a moment of silence

for yourself.


Anoint your chest, your heart, your throat

with precious oils.

Lavender, rose, grapefruit, thyme

whatever fragrance

nourishes and uplifts.



listen to the whale song,

or the sacred chanting of those who live between the worlds.

And then ASK.


Ask for Presence

for guidance

for way-showing.



that a sincere call

will never be refused.



that your day


with the magic of the Cosmos

with Earth magic

Animal magic

Plant magic.


Hold a sacred stone or crystal

in your palm

and imbue it with your desire to MERGE.

Carry it in your pocket

as a reminder

that the Unseen

always has a loving eye on you.


Know that you are here on this Earth

for no other purpose

than MERGING your life –

your everyday, mundane existence –

with the MIRACULOUS Unseen Forces

that move through the cosmos,

the galaxies,

the planets,

the stars,

and not least,

the secret star of your heart.


When you forget


you are diminished,

and your heart

cannot feel,

or see,

or hear

the clues,

the whispers,

the gentle nudges

that will radically alter your day

and your life, over time.


Carry the crystal

imbued with the power of your morning ritual,

and remember Me, always.


*Thoughts: Right now, living in Kauai with only a suitcase worth of clothes and my kindle, I don’t have a beautifully curated ‘alone space’. I have no alter, no cozy blue velvet chair, no stones, incense, candles, sacred pictures, various decks of cards…. etc, etc, ETC!

Does it really take so much junk to create a sacred space for ritual?!

About a month ago, I decided to make an alter space with a simple tray. I have a small porcelain bowl, a wand of white sage, and some essential oils, but it has gone totally ignored.

This was a sweet little reminder that my instincts to get back to simple ritual were right on.  And I love the idea of imbuing a crystal or rock and then carrying it around in my pocket! Especially on days when I have to be out in the world, around a lot of people.

Today, I will go out and hunt for that special rock to imbue with the power of whatever simple ritual wants to move through tomorrow.

Do you have any rituals that help you merge with cosmic flow?? Please share. I love trying new rituals!

















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