About Nyla

Hello. I’m ‘playing’ the birth archetypes 5 of diamonds + 7 of clubs  = Queen of Spades. Unless you’ve had a Book of Life reading, you have no idea what that means—so I’ll explain! 

My life path is to refresh and inspire (5 Diamonds) through spiritual knowledge and revelatory aha! moments (7 Clubs) while holding a space for clarity and higher consciousness (Queen Spades). Anything I can do to help you know thyself… to identify root issues and finally shift them… to connect you with untapped expressions of your unique psyche & soul… and to facilitate your conversation with the cosmos is my passion and reward.

I’ve been a voracious geek for personality and life mapping systems since discovering the Enneagram in 2002. While researching the Enneagram, the idea that it was rooted in 12th century Sufi mysticism—yet accurately nailed my personality in the 21st century—was electrifying. This changed my fundamental ideas about life itself and the matrix of human experience. 

Tracking the ‘patterns of humanity’ became my obsession. I explored many different mapping systems from Reich’s characterologies to more standard fare like Myers-Briggs. This led to seriously esoteric systems like Human Design and The Gene Keys as well as systems flavored by the Kabbala, Tarot, I Ching, astrology, numerology, colors & light, minerals, plants, facial and hand structure. The beat goes on.

When I found a system that resonated, I would apply it to everyone I knew (and then some). 

During my explorations, a friend introduced me to the Book of Life hidden in the 52 playing cards. This knowledge was exponentially profound because it stretched beyond internal ‘personality typing’ to include external archetypal influences that were mapped out, year by year, from cradle to grave. Delving deeper into the rabbit hole, the Book of Life mapped out karmic territory (accurately, in my opinion). Not only was this knowledge fractal, but multi-dimensional!

It felt like I’d found the codes to the matrix. 

Once again, my beliefs were shook. In a good way. The knowledge contained in the Book of Life was overwhelming, and so I decided to go slow—not exactly my style—and seek teachers to help me determine if this system was legit. (Never mind that it was hidden in plain sight in the 52 playing cards. A fact that triggered internal resistance for me.)

Fast forward to 2012. I had what some call a third eye opening or kundalini activation that shifted my perception of reality once again. During this period, the veils around me were thin. I learned through direct experience that we live in a soup of merging dimensions and extra-dimensional activity. This was both fascinating and terrifying. 

Managing these experiences became necessary. Thankfully, a friend recommended a progressive ‘energy medicine’ program where for three years I learned to track subtle energies from a place of internal alignment, free of dogma, and grounded in love. This enabled me to form a more direct connection to higher aspects of myself as well as to the divine intelligence that permeates existence itself—a power called by many names all pointing to the same thing: The Unified Field, Pure Consciousness, The Ground of Being, The Great Mother, The Force or simply God. Choose your own adventure.

Around this time, I began relating to the Book of Life on mysterious levels. It became clear to me, and others who I connected to their archetypes, that I knew this knowledge almost like a language stored in my subconscious.

I began to feel a soul connection to the Book of Life and the mystery school that preserved and protected it.

I began to feel as if there was a quickening around this ‘sacred science of the cards’ during a time in history when, perhaps, nothing can help humanity, Earth, and her creatures more than self-knowledge leading to self-acceptance and self-love.

Maybe this is why so many cosmological systems of self-knowledge are emerging (and reemerging) into culture?

Those who preserved and protected this once & future system of knowledge taught that the Book of Life’s ultimate purpose is to create HARMONY in the world. That is my intention each time I help connect a person to their sacred archetypes.

May there be beauty, may there be harmony.

-Nyla Adams ♥ ♣ ♦ ♠